White Gold Cases Replica Cartier Tank

2005 White Gold Cartier Tank UK Replica Sale a Vis Wandering Hour

After her newfound confidence with the Cabaret, Chon purchased this UK 1:1 replica Cartier Tank a Vis in January 2021 from a collector who’s “in a different league to me,” she says. “He’s a collector, I’m an enthusiast.” But most of all, she was struck by his willingness to share his love of best quality fake Cartier. “I collect many things, and in my other hobbies people are not so generous with their time or knowledge – and I can say that emphatically.”

With its outré dragging hour display, the watch features a stunning hand-guilloche dial centered around a rosette pattern that’s typical of the Collection Privée super clone Cartier Paris collection (which, from 1998-2008, saw Swiss movement replica Cartier revive some of its most daring archival designs). “It’s a CPCP piece, but that’s not why I loved it,” Chon says. “It’s beautifully made, from the guillochage and movement to the aesthetics.

Plus it’s unusual – I’m attracted to the unique and rare. This AAA fake Cartier UK speaks to me – and if a piece doesn’t, I don’t see the point.”