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These UK Cartier replica are the coolest watches to get him for Christmas

So, you have bought the festive socks and boxer shorts (both crucial to any true Christmas morning), but what to really make it really special? We suggest, drop the aftershave kit, and offer up some peace and joy with a luxury fake timepiece.

When it comes to picking the perfect replica watches, the endless options can be overwhelming! So let us help you swerve the wading. There are the super chic, and ultra-rare varieties, like the 2021, asymmetric Cloche de Cartier copy watch Paul Mescal wore to The Fashion Awards this year (which would be on my list, but they only made 100), there are ones stamped by the hottest fashion houses, and those just as stylish for less than £50.

Whether the time has come to pick out a teen their first, you’re after an investment to pass down generations, or you need one to survive a trip through the Arctic, the time has come to get browsing.

Gold replica watches for sale, frankincense and myrrh – it’s Christmas tradition! And adding some gleam to your wrist will only keep you going as we move deeper into the winter. There is room for a super splurge here, like Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Day-Date which comes in 18 ct yellow gold and a champagne shade dial. (It really is one appetising oyster).

Similarly, keep it classic with the go-to for all things gilded, AAA replica Cartier UK. Their Swiss made fake Pasha De Cartier style is coin faced, with interchangeable linked and navy blue straps. Two for one! Sort of. But don’t feel you have to spend the earth to find one with longevity. Casio’s Vintage model, at only £49.90, has remained a hit since it was introduced as one of the first digital super clone watches online in 1974. You can’t argue with that.