Rose Gold Cases Replica Rolex 6062

Two biggest fake Rolex 6062s online to appear at auction

The Sexiest One: ‘Black Star’ 6062

This yellow gold 1:1 fake Rolex ref. 6062 is nicknamed the “Black Star” because of the unique patina on its case. It first appeared at auction in 2011 when it sold for $542,500. The Black Star came up for sale again in 2018 when it sold for $1.57 million. It’s also been called “The Sock” because according to the original owner he’d stored it in a sock and forgotten about it for many years. The first time it appeared in 2011, it even had the original perfect replica Rolex strap.

Christie’s Remi Guillemin called it the best luxury fake Rolex 6062 he’s ever seen, and collectors like Edmond Saran have agreed. The case has developed a patina that would make Darth Vadar proud, but retains sharp and original lines. The dial is also untouched and textbook.

The Rarest One: Pink Gold Explorer Dial 6062

If measured simply by rarity, a pink gold aaa quality replica Rolex 6062 with Explorer dial is the ultimate 6062. Only three are known to the market, and they make headlines whenever they sell (two have appeared at auction, the third is documented in Goldberger’s 100 Superlative super clone Rolex Watches).

This particular example has sold twice over the past decade, achieving major results both times. Monaco Legend last sold this pink gold Swiss movement replica Rolex 6062 for €2.1 million in April 2022, when dealer Davide Parmegiani saved no superlatives in the catalog, calling it the “best” pink Explorer 6062 in existence. This same high quality fake Rolex 6062 made waves in 2015 when it sold at Phillips’ first Geneva auction for CHF 1.1 million.