Uma Thurman and more confirm this UK best replica Cartier remains the go-to power watch

There are actors in Hollywood who get typecast, playing the same kind of character over and over. How many different ways can Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Jason Statham save the world? When will Michael Cera get to be something other than the lovable geek, or Seth Rogen the lovable stoner schlub? But, today, I am not talking about a particular person being typecast. I am talking about a luxury fake watch. While watching the trailer for the new Showtime series Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, actress Uma Thurman, who plays the role of Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, can be seen rocking the longstanding, go-to power watch for strong women who don’t take sh*t: the perfect replica Cartier Panthère de Cartier.

The best 1:1 fake Cartier Panthère de Cartier watch was born in 1983, and quickly became a style icon in the wake of its release. It would dominate wrists throughout the ’80s and 90s, but was eventually discontinued in the early 2000s. Fortunately, in 2017, there was a Panthèresance of sorts when the collection returned to the catalogue. But throughout its initial production span, its period of discontinuation, and present day, the Swiss movement replica Cartier has remained a popular go-to for many – both on and off-screen.
On TV: Uma Thurman as Arianna Huffington on Showtime’s Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber

Similar in geometry to the Santos de Cartier replica for sale, the Panthère is a touch more delicate – even if many of the women caught sporting it are extremely fierce. The entire watch, and its bracelet, are mirror polished. This results in an aesthetic that skews closer to elegant than sporty in design, but at the same time its trusty quartz movement can take a bit of shock. So, it is not a surprise I have seen plenty of women wearing one while recreationally playing sports like tennis.

What does surprise me, however, is that, while researching photos of Arianna Huffington, I could not find a single image where she wears a Panthère de Cartier fake for women. I am not calling party foul on the costume department for the show though. Clearly the choice of the AAA fake Cartier Panthère is a testament to the aura the watch gives off when worn, the image it helps to shape of the wearer.